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What does glamorous look like for the average woman? When I looked up the definition, it said exciting, intriguing, enchanting, alluring. 

Today I want to share tips that any of us can apply regardless of body shape, weight, skin color, lifestyle or wardrobe size. Because there is no cookie cutter glamor look. For me it means going the extra mile. 

Glamor can be achieved in our everyday lives by systematically focusing on areas of our bodies. To keep it concise, This video is mostly about the upper body, your face area for a fast impact. You can do some of the tips I will share, one at a time, or all at once if time permits, but any of these steps can significantly improve your appearance and you can see improvements right away. It’s easier than we think.

1. Hair

Credit: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Keep it clean, frizz free, classic style. It has to be neat. You don’t need the beach wave ombre look. Straight simple lines think Charlotte from Sex and the City. I know we can all dream about having her hair, but even with thinner hair it looks good to keep it smooth and straight. A bob haircut perhaps. 

Before you go to a hair salon, try to look up similar public figures with hair like yours. Google the type of hair you think you have, and then hairstyles. For example thin hair, coarse hair, curly hair. Invest some time to get to know what other women are doing and what similar products are recommended to use. I’m continuously surprised to learn about new products on the market that address concerns you just learned to live with. You don’t have to. Most likely someone else has this issue and there is a product you can try to improve if not fix it for you.

An important detail if you have colored hair is to maintain it. Cover your roots, whatever look you are going for make sure it’s cohesive and unnoticeable when it grows. Often times at the salon we want an amazing hairstyle but we need to remember the maintenance. How will this glamorous haircut look when You blow dry it? Do you even have time to blow dry it?

How will it look like on a rush morning or when you use your own styling products? Keep it simple and low maintenance for you to be able to recreate a consistent good looking hair. I also recommend mastering a pulled back look for in between washes. Either perfect a bun look or the inside out ponytail for a quick no time minimal look. 

2. Jewelry

And not any jewelry, but Pearls. They are by far my top choice for jewelry to accessorize. I think I have at least 6 different styles and you would be surprised how many designs are needed for a multitude of occasions. It’s like owning jeans in a way; different colors and lengths to match a variety of outfits. 

Please allow me to elaborate why I think so highly of pearls. In addition to the status of polished, elegant, we already have these preconceptions, right? And you are correct, we perceive them as looking expensive. But there’s more to it than that. We no longer think of the traditional stud earring worn by stiff suits in lawyer movie plots. We now have modern designs with added shapes, gold additions and they’ve become more accessible and affordable.

Earrings need to be bright and contrasting the hair which serves as backdrop for the earrings. This is why white pearls look so good on any ears. So weather if you choose gold , gemstones or pearls, always look for light colors, or if you pick dark, make sure that they are framed by a bright shiny stones such as diamonds for example,  or a gold halo which gives a similar effect. You don’t want your jewelry to be lost and unnoticed. 

Which leads me to my collaboration with Skye. I’ve been delighted by their elegant earrings for years and am so glad to be able to share them with you. I would describe them as the perfect balance between of modern vintage. They are a sustainable brand, handmade small batches, using freshwater pearls hand dipped in 18 carat gold. Skye also extends their collection to feminine wear, unique dress designs. But I will you you discover them for yourself. I will also link everything below and the discount code Chic20 you can use to save 20% of anything on their site. 

I recommend you take a peak and start forming an idea of what feminine, polished and chic pieces look like. I’ve talked about the idea of using jewelry as a tool to up style any outfit, even a casual one.

One thing I never see anyone talk about is how to wear jewelry in general. Especially when we want to accessorize with pieces that are bigger in size, have volume, pendants for example. 

The general rule that I follow is to make sure the jewelry doesn’t clash with the clothes, meaning they don’t touch. Because then the jewelry is not visible, it gets stuck, it can tear easily and ruin the garments as well.

Let’s walk through a couple of example: when I wear high neck coverage such as a mock neck or turtle neck, or scarf, or bulky sweater, the earrings are always short, meaning they are the stub earrings. Here is where I feel a more pronounced size would go well.

When I want to wear a necklace for example and emphasize it, I make room on my skin. I Purposely pick V-neck cuts if it’s a buttoned shirt, or a nice silk shirt with a collar. Spring and summer dresses that don’t cover the chest, the collarbone is ideal. This way the neckline beautifully frames your jewelry in a subtle way by providing contour even to the dainty necklaces.

I particularly like this pearl added string necklace, it reminds me of the 2000’s jewelry I used to wear. This is a more elaborate piece, with a lot of details and to make sure you give it the proper attention, the necklace should be a neutral tone to blend in with the skin or simple white cami, silk shirt. Remember they can’t touch!

Now I know that sometimes we see pearls being worn on top of shirt and sweaters, the Queen of England was famous for this look, if you are watching the Crown series like me, well yes picked up on all these details. It’s a nice preppy look, in which case I recommend a simple string that is smooth against your clothes and won’t catch by accident. 

3. Smile

Get confident in how you smile by focusing on white teeth. I can’t speak for everyone but i don’t use bleach or any whitening products. We all have our own dental journey. 

I am aware of how careful we need to be with our teeth and any procedure that I do we must realize you can’t undo. And unlike other body parts you need teeth to eat. So cosmetic aesthetics is secondary for me. I try to do minimal processes. I get compliments from dentists every time and there is barely any need to remove tartar. The solution is very simple. I use sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth and a $6 spin brush from Walmart. That’s it. 

I brush twice a day and floss when I remember with a water pressure machine which I love. Your smile is one of the first things that people see. It also signals positivity and friendliness which makes people like you and put their guard down. It’s a powerful tool of persuasion. 

Yes you want to be alluring and beautiful but there is a lot of value behind the smile, so take care of it. And then make sure you practice in the  mirror. I call it the eyes smile. You don’t need to show teeth every time unless you are sincerely happy. Otherwise be polite and have a minimal smile look. The camera especially tends to exaggerate the look. We expect people to be happy in every photo. So if your facial expression is neutral, you will look sad in the pictures. To look decent you must have a minimal smile on, without looking forced. 

4. Skin care

The goal is to have a nice clear face. Pretty basic no? And easier said than done. I’m one of the women who used to wear acne treatment on the bottom and antiwrinkle on the top at eye level. I gave up. It’s drying my skin and I needed to nourish it. Dermatologists can help, but they haven’t been too successful for me. But i also recommend looking into potential foods that might be causing this. For me it’s chocolate. I don’t eat it often but when I do it’s noticeable. It might also coincide with the period when we feel more attracted to sweets. Have I mentioned I have a sweet tooth? Yes, my face always ends up paying for it. 

There are plenty of tools out there. But I don’t have the patience to spend hours on this. But I always make sure that my makeup is completely removed at the end of the day, no exceptions, no matter how tired I am. 

You want a nice glowy face, or no flaky skin if possible. For this I have a gentle cleanser with minerals. I also have a microdermabrasion tool which i don’t use as often as I should but when I do my skin feels substantial improvements and is very soft. It’s a polish to your skin. 

I’ve also been moisturizing my face since I was 13, thanks mom. I can’t move my face otherwise. I also live in the driest part of the country. I have humidifiers run 24 hours in winter. It’s that dry. Don’t forget to keep a humidity level of 50% and above in the house. I learned the hard way. 

In Florida I never needed it. Face creams lock in the moisture iof your skin. It’s never added. Another trick I’ve noticed that helps a lot is not to dry my face right away. I wash my face, leave it wet, brush teeth and only when I’m ready to apply moisturizer I gently damp my face with a towel to remove excess water. Then I apply the face creme and it feels like I’m locking in the moisture. Most of the year I also use a thick rich skin repair lotion which is absorbed quickly and leaves no residue for when I need a more substantial barrier against the elements. 

5. Makeup

Create the enhanced effect. I’m currently watching this TV show on Netflix called the Empress and i am in awe of her natural beauty and how much it is emphasized in the series. Beauty is not defined by anyone. It’s in the eyes of the beholder. Each one of us is beautiful in our own unique way and I’m not just saying this to sound politically correct. What i find beautiful you might not find beautiful and so on. There is not one face we can all agree is beautiful either right? 

Take you own beauty as a given. And act like it. Enhance it. Use products to help your skin, don’t hide or mask because it can have the opposite effect when we tend to obsess about corrections and end up with extreme layers of foundation for example. 

Accept that some days our skin doesn’t look its best, allow yourself to be You without impressing anyone. Here is my biggest secret. People around you that love you, will love every single inch of you inside out. And if you are getting anything less than this then you can gently correct them or accept that they might not appreciate you as a whole. 

Beauty is freckles, it’s wrinkles, it’s dimples, grey hair, it’s a natural smile. Being comfortable in your own skin is what catches the eye. Let all of this be shown. If your face skin is slightly discolored compared to your neck or rest of your body because we usually have sunblock on and foundation has some SPF, then a simple tinted moisturizer will even out the shade while letting your natural skin still show your unique features. Find a good bronzer to apply around your face lightly to bring back the shadows you took out with the tint. Lips also get discolored over time, its natural, apply tinted lip balm. Plenty of options out there, I’ve been using the Perricone MD one that wonder woman used for a few years now. I have one in each purse.  

If you do a couple of these steps I mentioned, it’s impossible not to show you put in more effort. You will definitely feel different, then act differently and people around you notice. Whatever you do, do it for yourself, and if you get compliments it’s just a bonus. The real compliment is the one you gave yourself by taking the time to actually improve your look. I hope you enjoyed these tips even if just as a reminder. Sometimes we get complacent. Share what is your favorite pick me up secret that makes you feel glamorous. If you liked this article, next I am sharing Cleopatra’s styling secrets to looking seductive. I will see you there!

Credits: “Kristin Davis at The Cosmopolitan Grand Opening and New Year’s Eve Celebration” by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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