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We all know that accessories can make or break an outfit, and a handbag is a major factor in this equation. As the seasons change, so do the fashion trends and what’s hot right now. That’s why I have rounded up the latest handbag trends of 2023 that are sure to make a statement. 

All the handbags I chose are a perfect combination with the latest fashion trends and shoe trends. You can check them out on my YouTube channel. The best part? The beautiful synchrony of colors, shapes and textures means that these bags will match almost any outfit. 

What Are the Most-Popular Handbag Trends in 2023

Here are all the trending handbag styles that are bound to be big in 2023:

Work Bags

Let’s start with the Work bags. The most popular style for 2023 is the boxy structured

satchels like the Italian Leather Large Triple Compartment Satchel. It features a minimalist design with square rigid shapes and triple compartments to store all your belongings in an organized manner.

Some hard structure totes with different designs boasting natural elements such as bamboo, and more pronounced handles are fast gaining popularity too. I usually find totes too simplistic for my taste, but the added sophistication of Chloe Pearl Beaded Top-Handle Box Bag has me impressed.

Baguette Bag 

This brings back so many memories from the 90’s. It’s like you are carrying an oversized wallet. Simply throw in your lip gloss, your phone if it fits, and you are ready

to run out the door. 

I really like the Karo Leather Baguette Bag for its angular silhouette and the beautiful color.

Anya Vegan Leather Mini Baguette Bag is also a great pick for its vegan-friendliness. The gentle ruching employed in its design makes it suitable for both casual and formal use.

Elevated Tote Bag

If you are used to seeing the $10 tote bags, this year they are leveling up. Designers have elevated the regular tote to another level with luxury on full display. 

I don’t normally pick any visible brand logos,  but the Year of the Rabbit Shopper from Moschino looks fun enough to brighten up your mood on any day. It’s certainly not your classic tote, yet it is one well-made handbag.

If you find the Moschino a bit much, the Coach Leather Field Tote is a more wearable option. Not only is this tote very roomy, it is very well-designed maintaining its shape when placed down as opposed to a soft shell tote that simply melts away.

And, if you want an eco-friendly option, the Ella Bio Tote from Tory Burch is an amazing option. Made from stunning biodegradable material with two top handles, this tote is an adorable addition to any wardrobe. You can choose between two colors: black and warm white to suit your styling needs.

Double Bag 

Why wear one bag when you can wear two? Yes, you can alleviate your style with a nice matching set or a pair in the same shade but different styles will do wonders for your look.

While the double bag style has not picked up yet, here is one example I found from Free People, to give you an idea. The Celeste Suede Mini Pouch is an excellent option for anyone who wants to rock a double bag look. This minibag has a crossbody handle that connects with your second bag through a link or something easy.

Free People also have a Olympia Leather Harness Bag that is another great example of a double bag. It has two compartments featuring two zippered pockets and you can wear this one like a harness over your shoulders.

Glamorous Embellishments 

We talked about this trend a lot in clothes and fashion trends for 2023. But even in bags, crystal embellishments, sequin, feathers, pearls, etc. are quickly becoming popular. 

The Mini Rachel Crystal Silk Shoulder Bag is such a beautiful example of crystal embellishments. It’s a small bag that makes a powerful statement without looking overpowering.

But if you are after sequin, the Sequin handbag with mirror detail from Mango is a statement piece. It features a decorative sequin appliqué that mimics the mirror effect. It is an excellent choice for events and parties.

Where other embellishments come and go, pearls are something evergreen. The Page Pearly Clutch with its wicker texture and the sophisticated beaded handle is a fabulous choice for any pearl lover.

I am seeing quite a few croc embossed shoulder bags too. The Tabitha Croc Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag looks so unique to me because we have the texture and the multi colors design which brings a new take on the combining trends.

Remember one of the biggest trends in fashion for 2023 is the moto look, which will be incorporated in every component of the outfit. Bags will be no different. We will see a lot of buckles and metal clasps, lots and lots of them added to the handbags. 

Consider the Altuzarra Play Small Sequins Shoulder Bag as an example. This purse combines the sequin trend with buckles to create a modern yet edgy look. Carrying an embellished handbag is one way to look glamorous without overdoing it.

Pocket Bags 

This style is very easy to detect. You have your usual handbag, with lots and lots of pockets on the outside. Think of them as the cargo pants of purses. 

The Mango Green Shoulder Bag is an excellent example of this type. It is a smart-looking purse with two front pockets and a short strap. The color itself is very beautiful and works with many looks.

Puffy Fluffy Pillow Bags

Up next are the XL super sized bags that are so touchable and squeezable, and can cover half your body. 

Here is the famous UGG that looks like a plush toy on your shoulder. I chose the

Large Adrina High Pile Fleece Tote because it has so many trends in one: it’s oversized, comforting, and huggable. It’s the ultra big size that will make a statement this year. 

Not keen on the UGG? Here is a more wearable puffy style, made of quilted leather. The XXL Kensington Soft Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag is also oversized but its quilted design dilutes the attention a bit.

Flower Bags 

The floral trend is also something people are picking up this year. One of the details I enjoy about this trend is that you can find bags not only with floral prints but in actual shape of flowers. 

I have to share with you this beautiful Origami Drawstring Leather Bucket Bag. It’s at a higher price point but truly delightful to look at.

The Coach Floral Leather Field Tote is another pretty bag. It is a textured tote with a vibrant floral pattern topped with gleaming hardware and two top handles.

You might also like the Liv Round Floral Bucket Bag with its floral accents and ring top handle. Its fringe and pearl detailing is very appealing.

Colorful Bags

Bags in bright and dopamine flashy colors are also a popular trend in 2023. To make this trend easy, think of all the citrus colors, like greens and oranges, as well as pinks and cobalt blue. 

I really like the Meringue Leather Crossbody Bag. This Kate Spade features drawstring fastening with a short braided strap, and is available in different colors. 

Next, we have the silver Leather Strap Tote Bag from Mango which is a very metallic look. I recommend pairing this carefully with silver jewelry buckles.

Mango also has a Geometric Bag in blue. I really like this option as it is very easy to style with different outfits.

Mango Blue Geometric Bag
Buy Mango Geometric Bag in Blue

Crescent Moon Shaped Bags

This reminds me of the 90’s again, I used to own these and find them figure flattering. 

The Mango Oval Short Handle Bag is an attractive crescent moon shaped bag. It tucks in so nicely under your arm. I also like the soft curves as it homogenizes better with the overall feminine physique.

Also be on the lookout for vegan and sustainable alternatives as they are on the rise this year too. The Kate Spade Sam Icon Recycled Nylon Tote bag is the example of the straight angles, rectangle simplistic style we will see a lot of.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the top ten handbag trends in 2023, you can prepare your wardrobe in advance. Whether you’re looking for something classic and timeless or something on-trend and eye-catching, the handbag trends this season have something for everyone. So go ahead and choose yours — you’ll be sure to be the envy of all your friends! 

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