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Spring is the time when most people forget how to dress. With no strategic layering or overcoat above an uncoordinated outfit, you’ll have to pay close attention to what you are wearing. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t rely on your fuzzy coats and warm knits. These transitional pieces are part of your wardrobe staples. If paired right, they can be worn round the year. In this blog post I want to show you some transition outfits of 2023 and how you can wear them from spring to summer.

Here is a peek at the video I uploaded on my channel.

Design Tights 

This year’s trends are colorful designs for tights, but it sounds like a trend that will be dated by the end of the year. Instead I recommend designs and patterns that are more subtle. 

And before you judge them as being too cheap, may I remind you that Audrey Hepburn wore fishnets. Parisian and Italian women are wearing them combined with elegant leather boots, booties, mary janes, you name it. This is taking fashion to the next level.

The ones here have polka dots but you I will also like the regular ones I use in nude and black.

A cute youthful option are these heart designs, again minimal in size to add a little spice to your night out outfit.

And lastly for the more confident tights wearer who is not afraid of a fashion statement, this art deco design will be the showstopper of your outfit. I recommend pairing all of these tights in monochromatic shades with the rest of the outfits for a cohesive look.

Spring Boots

I love spring boots. These thin feminine boots that have minimal lining or none at all, are breathable, form shaping and look so attractive. Say goodbye to the chunky bulky heavy winter boots and hello to slim sock boots or tall boots under the knees.

These black ones from Jeffrey Cambel are a nice universally flattering pair that keep you warm on a rainy chilly spring day while defining your beautiful calves under a flowy midi dress.

Spring Gloves

There is something alluring in seeing a woman’s hands covered in gloves. Whether it’s leather floral design gloves or the trending elbow Opera gloves, protected hands seem more delicate. 

Coincidentally, while searching for the leather shop from Venice for you, I came across the brand Adele and Lady Gaga are shopping their opera gloves from.


The next item that should be in your transition wardrobe are cardigans. And not any cardigans, but good ones. The ones that you wash out and don’t lose shape or shrink or peel apart. And if you want to know what they look like, I found some really nice ones at WHBM. 

This polo style is very preppy and on trend right now. It gives off the elegant expensive feel, put together without trying. You can easily pair it with vintage jeans or a classic A line dress with wedges.

A similar style is this yellow cardigan for the perfect transition between warm and chilly, easily styled with a skirt or chinos.

Trench Coat 

A classic trench coat is the ultimate outerwear piece for the in-between seasons. Despite it’s military history, this elegant sophisticated look that instantly makes you look put together. And it goes with most everything. This piece is a wardrobe staple that you buy once and you are set for decades. 

In terms of the length of the coat, it’s going to be slightly above the knee for me. It’s a personal choice of course but to me a coat is longer, not a jacket. 

Most coats are straight and shapeless with a random belt in the middle. Look for an hourglass shape, tailoring, something that curves around the silhouette.

Ralph Lauren makes great trench coats. Mine is from him and that’s because the Hobbs one I found to be too expensive at the time, now it’s on sale. Ladies if you are not familiar with HOBBS they are a UK based brand that make superior coats.

And the show stopper for this section is this Ted Baker floral design. It’s a work of art. What a beautiful and delicate way to embrace the transition to warmer weather even when bundled up underneath, than with beautiful spring flowers. It looks exquisite.

Light Sweaters

This cozy, yet chic knit is the perfect layering piece to stay warm as the season changes from winter to spring. I bought the first one on a whim and found myself reaching for it over and over again.

The beauty of these lightweight sweaters is that they can easily be styled with jeans or a cute knee length skirt, a button up white shirt for a quick preppy look. And you can walk out on the streets and not worry about being too hot or cold. It’s an easily manageable outfit. 

White Jeans 

Although white is usually reserved for the summer months, a pair of crisp white jeans is an easy way to freshen up your look for spring or any other season really. They are an elegant staple in all closets and a great transition piece from colder to warmer months because it brightens the overall image and gives off this look of relaxed, casual ready to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

I kept hearing about these white jeans for the longest time, until I got my own and they are some of my favorite go to pants.


Did you know Nordstrom carries Birdies? Such a nice surprise. Birdies are known for their uber comfortable structure and I owned their classic pair for about four years now. Love them, so soft I keep them with me in my purse in case I need to walk for a prolonged time unexpectedly. 

A more feminine alternative are the ballet flats. Here is a cute style with an adorable bow, so many colors to choose from. Either one is a staple transition piece that will take you into spring without having toes exposed.


Sneakers are just practical aren’t they? They are comfortable and a youthful take on casual.

One of the most popular brands I’ve seen is Veja and they are coming out with more and more colors, such as this camel and white if you have neutrals on top, or just plain white. These sneakers can be paired with trousers and a plain white tee, throw on a half zip pullover, or buttoned shirt and light sweater on top. Even a cotton midi dress or denim skirt, a versatile transition piece.

New Balance and Adidas are probably the top 3 trendy brands right now. They offer gender inclusive designs too.

A classic white sneaker is just one basic item you need in your closet, but if you want to expand your collection, this season the nude pink sneakers are the upstyle version that not many people know about. I really like the pink sneakers and coat combination, it’s new, feminine while maintaining the same sleek casual outfit with jeans.

Silk Scarf

An eternal wear. You know if I didn’t know better I would say we are rewearing the 60s elements. I find it interesting that a few of the current elements like silk scarves and opera gloves are popular when these are the same pieces made trendy by Audrey. And a quick plugin here, If you haven’t seen my post on Audrey’s fashion style secrets, check it out now (internal link) .

A simple square silk scarf will take any outfit to the next level. An instant style boost. And people will notice because it is uncommon to see here in the States. 

Colorful Handbag 

A nice pop of color can easily be added to brighten up the mood regardless of the cooler spring weather, with a handbag. The beauty of an accessory is that no matter how warm or cold it is outside, you can accessorize independently with the colors, styles and motifs of the current season. 

As mentioned in the post about handbag trends for 2023, florals are big this spring. I know, it’s an obvious choice, but even floral shades such as violet or light blue or yellows can make a big change in the overall feel of the outfit.

I know what you are thinking, it’s too small, but this is the style I’ve seen being worn in Europe all season. It fits your phone, maybe a lipstick, keys and you don’t need more. Looks more feminine.

And for a more demure feel this Madewell style is roomier, classic leather style in pretty spring colors. 

Final Words

These are some useful articles that’ll make winter-to-spring transitional dressing a breeze. Plus, if you use them wisely, it is even possible to wear them all year-round. For more spring trends come back and check my upcoming blog posts. You can also subscribe to my channel here, I will see you there!