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As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with the hottest denim trends for 2023 and welcome the spring/summer season. From classic straight-leg jeans to denim jumpsuits, I’ll show you head-to-toe denim coverage from my top picks for this year. Everything is linked down below for you so don’t forget to check it out.

Top Denim Trends For 2023

Straight-leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are the most popular style and I have seen no other style that looks wearable as this one. In particular, these jeans here should be a staple in every women’s closet. The high waist will give you an instant flattering look, hiding unwanted muffin-top, and the ankle-grazing length will let you show off your favourite pair of shoes or heels.

The fit is slim and straight which means that from the hips it goes down following your natural lines without looking baggy. This is important because you want room and comfort without forgetting about shape and the visual width balance between your hips and ankles.

You don’t want the skinny jeans carrot shape to mould around your inner thighs, which usually is where we women gain weight.

Bucket Jeans 

If you’ve never heard of this trend, don’t worry, neither have I until I researched it. It’s a style I’ve seen quite a bit, and it’s made by adding another foot of material to the bottom of the jeans and turning it inside out. If you want an idea of how these jeans look like, check out these Distressed Straight Leg Jeans from JW Anderson.

Overlapping Waistline Jeans 

This style takes me back to the early 2000s as it was my “It” style in high school. These Venice Beach Flare Jeans with overlapping waistline feels so amazing! And they come in classic denim colors and printed version as well.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone can wear them but, when I see this style, it makes me look at the belly button and it emphasizes the waistline. So, if you don’t want people to look at your abdomen, deflect by wearing a style that is flared out but perhaps accentuates the legs more, such as an ombre or added detail in the pants themselves.

Flared Jeans 

The flared jeans style is not only popular for spring/summer 2023 but also very flattering. As long as you don’t exaggerate, you could get away with wearing these for a long time.

This year we see a nice addition of mid-leg stitching, like in these Seamed Mid Rise Flare Jeans by River Island. The stitching draws the eye in towards the middle of the leg, creating a slimming effect. Furthermore, we have the vertical lines which give an elongating effect and the extra material on the bottom hides the extra inches from the heels. And if you haven’t noticed what they did on the butt cheeks, they removed the pockets and elevated the vertical line to make your legs look longer even in the back.

Rhinestones Jeans 

Do you remember that we talked a lot about all the embellishments, sparkles, and metallic happening across all fashion articles, from shoes to handbags? Jeans are no exception and these Embellished Ziggy Jeans are the perfect example! This is a stand-out style that can be wornfor a casual glamorous look. It gives your outfit a nice little upgrade of spark if it’s to your taste.

Pull-on Cargo Jeans

This is such a casual style and before you dismiss it as being too loose and rebellious, remember that to upstyle any piece of garment, you just need to wear it for an activity where everyone else looks underdressed. In this way, you always look a little better.

For example, I would wear these cargo jeans for any outing where you would normally wear sportswear such as a dog park. It looks relaxed and comfy, and why not slouch on the couch in them?

Cargo Utility Jeans 

Remember when we talked about chocolate shades coming in? Another great way to stand out and look stylish is to wear something common in an unusual color and I would pick these caramel color jeans for this reason. Plus, having jeans in unusual colors breaks apart the monotony of having 5 pairs of jeans in the same shade.

This style is a masculine take on jeans and, if you really like this style, I would recommend wearing them with chunky footwear and a nice feminine form-fitting top. Or why not, even with some nice sock booties or pumps to offset the masculine look and mix the two?1 l

Two-Toned Overall

This overall with patchwork and embroidery details is a popular choice for 2023, as we talked about it in the fashion trends, and I fully blame Barbie on this one. I see quite a few overalls coming in and between the unusual bright shade and details, it most certainly stands out from previous seasons.

Two-Toned Frayed High-Rise Jeans

I’ve seen quite a few two-toned jeans, but this pair is taking it to a completely new level, in a good way!

You can notice that the back is in a completely different color than the front but also the front is a combination of the two. The way the two are incorporated is almost like a rancher’s chaps but strategically made with the darker sides to elongate the legs.

Flood Jeans

This pair of flood jeans is as close as you can get between pants and a skirt cross-over. I don’t know why but it reminds of me the pants my mom used to wear, which would have been popular in the 90s.

This looks so comfortable and outrageous, don’t you think? It’s making a bold statement in comfort and, in a way, it’s still stylish because it doesn’t look like you are wearing a tent. This style is another great casual option to break away from boring blue jeans.

Cropped Wide Leg Jeans

It’s not a surprise that these jeans will be very popular in the upcoming warmer weather as we want to start showing skin.

The cropped model I am showing you here is such a beautiful shade that it’s impossible not to like them. But be cautious! If you are trying to not look shorter than you are, then just skip the cropped ones altogether. Look for floor-length ones instead like these ones.

Faded Grey Jeans

Grey is a popular choice this year and we will see quite a few brands offering it. We don’t normally see this color in the spring/summer season. Here you can check out a pull-up elastic band pair of faded grey jeans, which is also quite popular. I think we are toning down a little bit on the distress level. We will still see it but it’s not exaggerated.

Raw Seam Jeans

Another popular style now is the raw seam jeans. These jeans here are a very chic example of the fray trend with also flared style.

Another example of combining a lot of current trends with a more feminine take is these wide-legged jeans with flower embroidery and raw seam. The gradual washed-out blue on the front of the legs is also telling of this year’s collection.

Jeans Jumpsuit

We must talk about them because I saw so many beautiful styles! I must confess, I have never bought a pair, but seeing this one here, I might give it a try.

It looks really flattering and I like the fitted shape and the front zipper. The corset is one of my favorite styles, with feminine lines that remind me of regal times when they used them to accentuate the waistline line. Furthermore, the lower cut in the back is so sexy! Subtle but without being revealing.

Last but not least, I had to throw this jumpsuit in. I found it so attractive for those of you who can still pull off a braless look. Remember to always updress so, considering how revealing this is, I would wear it to the beach perhaps for an evening walk or drinks by the fire, with a soft wrap.

Denim on Denim

Do you remember when we talked about the monochromatic block color look trending this year? A very nice take on it will be the two-piece set, like this one here, borrowing again from the masculine wear.

It could be a shirt, a vest, or a blazer but it’s a unique take on the jeans and it was about time! I love being all “matchy-matchy” and sometimes it’s hard to find your combination with pieces that don’t come as a set.

Maxi Skirts

I think that with this floor-length skirt, once you find a comfortable pair, they are such an easy pick because they are easy to style. You can just throw them on and off you go! It’s a great spring look when you want a no-fuss sleek effortless look.

Same with the cargo style, like this maxi skirt. Don’t overthink it and keep it simple. Treat them the same way you would with jeans. You can match them with any flats, even slip-on. Another easy way is to pair it with a clean crisp white t-shirt!

Denim Dresses

If this is your first time on my blog, you will soon discover that I like dress… A LOT! The denim trend is the perfect combination to slowly transition your comfort towards a more feminine look. This is a perfect example of a mini denim dress that can be worn as a shirt or you could also wear it layered on top of jeans.

Not to forget that the A-line shape will also be prominently seen in this season’s denim wear. I must mention that it’s one of the most flattering and forgiving figures we can wear.

Skinny Jeans

Let’s talk about skinny jeans for a second. I feel that in 2023, more than ever, we need to clarify something. Trends are in and out based on popularity and on what brands decide to make and sell to us. But by now, I think we know well enough what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to pants. This means that a new style comes in and you might want to give it a try, but skinny jeans are such a personal preference and not just in following trends.

It’s also about making it work with the rest of the wardrobe pieces and your lifestyle.

I look at skinnies as a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, with no exceptions, and here’s why. I see them as essentials like socks and shapewear because there are specific outfits that must be worn with tighter casual bottoms. 

For example, for the pumps and buttoned shirt look with a blazer on top or when you want to tuck in your pants in knee-high boots like these ones, you need skinnies like these.

Similarly, when you wear rain boots with a trench coat on top, or when you wear a bulky oversized sweater, you need skinnies.

And you need them even when you create the black-on-black elongated legs effect with black booties and black skinnies.

With these looks, I can’t imagine wearing any other jeans fit because they just wouldn’t work or look right. They are like “cookie-cutter” outfits, which are present in my mind and don’t need to think much when I am out of time or lack inspiration. My take is that we should keep at least one pair in the closet and consider them a supportive article of clothing such as an accessory.

High Waisted Jeans

With the high-waisted vs. medium vs. low cut, I haven’t read one good comment about the low-rise this season. We can all agree that the high-waisted are incredibly flattering on most women, and the #1 most popular item talked about in the Outdated video. We all agree that we like the high-waisted style like this one.

Personally, It has changed my wardrobe completely, especially when I discovered how to wear tops with high-waisted. Which is simply tucked in and slightly pulled out. This is a very flattering way that I recommend instead of just pulling the sweater over the waistline.


You probably won’t like every single denim and jeans style mentioned in this post, and you don’t need to. There is not one person that will like and wear every single trend and That’s completely fine. You should look and choose what works for you. We can all live happily in our jeans.

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