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Tired of being bundled in layers of winter clothing? Check out the trendiest spring fashion articles for 2023

Spring is almost here and spring fashion is something we all look forward to after months of being wrapped up in thick layers. In this post, you’ll find some trendy spring outfits to add in your own collections. To make it even easier, I grouped them for you as tops, pants, skirts, dresses, and outerwear. Have a look!

Here is the video version of this post I uploaded on my YouTube channel.


Preppy! Yes!!! This style you can’t go wrong with. No matter the season, the year or the temperature outside, the preppy look is that stable classic that is fail proof. You always look appropriate. If this style is something you see yourself wearing, I recommend investing in natural fibers. Buy less but better.

Hearts all over. One of my favorite shapes. It’s not your office look, but I would wear this everywhere else.

Let’s talk stripes, this season we will see quite a few and I found this stretch cotton shirt, with the preppy collar, neutral colors, wearable and form fitting.

This pink color block style is another new release following this season’s trends.

Here we have a more subtle take on the color block with a contrasting white stripe in the front to create the elongating effect. I also like the matching white cuffs, a beautiful style for spring 2023.

Camisoles are usually back in spring but this year we see a lot of night lingerie being brought out into day time wear. Here is a cotton candy pink, feminine and attractive, especially if worn under a blazer, hinting at the delicate soft touch, but without being too revealing.

This lace bodysuit with boudoir detailing worn with high waisted wide legged pants is also a popular season’s trend.

I also like this floral tie strap tank. Lots of tied straps for tops will be trending for spring 2023.

Don’t forget to always wear strapless bras with spaghetti tops, you never ever want anyone to see your bra. It’s not very elegant. Unless you are wearing mesh where the whole point is to see the undergarments in which case I recommend a corset type with a bit more coverage.

We can’t not mention mesh tops, because mesh is already incorporated in many designs. I purchased a similar patterned mock neck. I just went on a whim, it’s from the same brand and I love it. I’ve gotten so many compliments and it’s one of those pieces that you will like in person much more than online

And a combination of a few styles talked about so far is this calm grey blue preppy long sleeve with stripes, and the interesting structured collar detail to add a bit of a drama. 


There is plenty of variety in this department but I opted to show you the latest spring fashion trends, and a common theme I see is the high rise pants, whether they are jeans or not.

Here is a simple take on the green high waisted wide pants from Nordstrom. These classic blue jeans with clean simple lines for everyday wear is also one of its great offerings.

And who can say no to these skinny flared jeans by Madewell? Great compromise of both worlds. I really like how skinny jeans feel but the tightness of the carrot shape at the bottom can look unflattering, and then this pair solves it for us. I think they look really flattering.

And take a look at these hiking cargo pants. They actually zip off and turn into shorts. How efficient is that? I also like the toned down nature color shades of ivory, and grey in block colors. It looks like a fun pair and not just any pair, but a  stylish one for the outdoors. I enjoy being outside and I’m always on the lookout for fashionable options instead of just joggers and sweatpants.

Next up, wide pants. Speaking of tailoring, we have to have some white wide pants as one of the latest spring, trends. it’s just a staple. Here is an immaculate faux leather example from Alice & Olivia.

Then these silk ones for a thinner elegant feel, it’s the classic piece that you can pair with anything in your closet and you will instantly look polished. This is an investment piece for spring 2023.

Did anyone say Palazzo jeans? How flattering are these? The colors are warmer and different than the usual black and blue jeans. Hugging the booty and loose everywhere else so you don’t feel like you are swimming in them.

Next are super shiny metallic faux leather flared out pants. It is something to spice things up a bit. I find it exciting to have new fun things like this to wear. 


Maxi skirts are back and wow are they long. Let’s just say the max in maxi is taken quite literally. These floor length skirts in the right fabric can feel like a soft walking blankie.

This one here looks so comfortable and relaxed at the same time, I like the detailed buttons to make it look less ordinary. 

Pleats will be popular this spring in skirts and dresses. This is a beautiful example here. You can tell it’s well made judging by its color, style, and length. I like the feminine structured shape that can be styled most of the year with everything from flats, to wedges and boots.

This color block pleated skirt from Reiss is right on point with the trends we’ve been seeing so far for the upcoming season.

Here is the moto take on the maxi skirt from Antropologie. If you‘re like me, color and the shades of colors can make or break your decision to buy or not. So many times I like a style and it fails because of the color. This cool slate shade is a nice replacement to jeans, easy to wear with some leather loafers.

Next, we have these vertical printed stripes featuring a gathered flounce hem, to exaggerate the silhouette. You get the effortless elongating effect and the beauty of such a skirt is the ease with which you can wear it. Throw it on with any top you have, even the bathing suit and it becomes a season’s trend. .

Lastly, the satin skirt is popular this spring season too. It has been for a while but I can’t manage to find any that are flattering, it’s because they are all straight cut midi length. This one however is A-line flowy floor length and looks so comfortable. Now before you label it as a fancy skirt, you can wear this casually as well. Just put it on and wear it the next time you are going out. 


Spring is all about flowers and I am pretty sure we will see flowers in spring fashion trends too. Breaking into color, into bright joyful nature inspired elements quickly uplifts the mood. Your own take on this style can be easily adjusted with lighter or brighter color tones.

Let’s have some roses shall we? This blue dress from Asos checks off a lot of current trend boxes. The embroidery, the fluttery bell cuffs, the pleats and the florals all are spot on. 

Spots anyone? The dots are everywhere, inside the closet of a commoner like me, as well as in the wardrobe of Princess of Wales Catherine. This trend is something you should always have in your closet. A polka dot buttoned one, especially in a classic black and white combination, will carry you on for years without disappointing.

Next we have column dressing with Greek Goddess elements. So incredibly flattering. I love this style because it comes with a high waist and draped in what seems like a field of material, you are drawing out your feminine forms. Here you can show a little cleavage as well, I like balancing out a conservative look and a very strategically placed reveal of skin.

The column shape doesn’t need to be a gown per say, here is a nice polished office look from White House Black Market that you can add to your wardrobe. 


This grey blazer is the perfect tailoring to define the structure of your upper body. We are seeing the fitted structure, it’s not for everyone, as with everything out there, but this look is an instant upstyle.

Here is the blue version for a more forgiving fit, a bit more relaxed but still providing that hourglass shape.

Moving on to new styles we have the peekaboo jacket, with almost double jackets as you can see the elongated sleeve and peeking out from under the jacket is the white lining, which is actually another extension running in parallel.

If you are looking for leather or suede moto jackets, please don’t pay full price. NordstromRack always has them half off, and plenty of colors. Here is a brown style to switch up from the classic black.

The fringe is also popular this year if you like this trucker style.

Have you seen the micro trench coat? Someone actually thought to cut the trench coat down into a quarter. Any thoughts on this?

Let’s talk leather, or faux leather coats. I like the shape of this one, it’s flattering with the wide belt around the waist and if you don’t want to spend a fortune, this is the coat for you.

And if you still think it’s too much, here is a brown one from Guess for half the price. I like to pick colors that are out of the norm for that piece of clothing, to break out of the monotony.

Wrapping Up

Spring fashion is not very difficult and now you know about the various trendy items, you can go ahead and stock your wardrobe with all the season’s must-have. For more fashion styles for 2023 check out on my YouTube channel I have an entire series where I cover clothes, 5, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Or you can follow the blog for upcoming posts too.

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