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Jeans serve as a perfect blank canvas to create your look on. However, jeans trends come and go. While the classic shapes remain popular and wearable all the time, certain cuts and silhouettes cycle in and out of style. Today, I am going to share with you the spring 2023 jeans trends. Don’t feel like reading? I have also included the video from my YouTube channel that you can check out below.

Top Spring Jeans Trends 2023

From the evergreen high rise to denim skirts, here are the jeans trends to shop for this season:

High Rise

Let’s start with the familiar state, here is the classic high rise skinny flared jeans in white. It’s a classic addition to any woman’s closet. I added a pair to my spring wear collection, they are by far one of the most worn pairs for me, for any season. They are a nice break from dark colors, I can wear them with pumps, they hide my heels so I look as tall as I feel.

Next we need some slim jeans with a high rise, with pocket buttons. It’s a very current style trending right now and feels like wearing a casual cool suit.

Grey is a popular trend this year in denim. This mariner style is made of recycled materials that claim to move with you. Have you seen these buttons? I love details like these that add flair and nuance to a pair of simple pants like jeans. A lovely detail you don’t come across very often.

A new trend that I am noticing is the pret a jet style, which has a side triangle flap pocket with sewn in buttons. It’s a more stylish look that makes me think of cargo, but in a non distracting style and more flattering.

Let’s talk about florals, and here is this beautifully embroidered high waisted jeans with the feminine leg details. It’s a sculpting straight fit, looks very attractive.

A slight alteration is this contrasting black and white floral design. It’s a popular spring jeans trend for 2023 spotted in the blazers too. The side black line is eye-catching to elongate and focus on the length. It’s a clever  and very chic style for women who aren’t shy of looking fashionable.

Then there are coated skinny jeans for my curvy ladies out there. These are a very cool alternative to the faux leather look. And I find them wearable, breathable and comfortable. Especially with some sock booties, an instant chic look!

Mid Rise 

These mid-rise jeans are guaranteed to be the most comfortable pair you own. Bootcut leg shape is back in style and beyond flattering with a luxurious look. They can be easily dressed up for a night out or paired with a blazer for work on a casual Friday. Just because it’s jeans doesn’t need to be raggy right?

The girlfriend jeans is another popular 2023 jeans trend. They are cut to sit higher on your hips with a slim straight leg fit. It’s this female-friendly silhouette that makes this cut so popular. I’ve seen several brands release their own version, and women in Europe wear them a lot.

Cropped jeans are next. Spring always comes with a shorter hemline doesn’t it? We can’t wait to get rid of the excess material and expose ankles. I opted for this beautiful shade, it’s a coral pink, for a cropped skinny style with added pop of color. They are the perfect fitting jeans that will mold around your legs and not get in the way of your shoes or top or jacket.

Combining the previous styles, we see the white version of the cropped skinny girlfriend jeans. To me it’s the right size to show off beautiful spring shoes, perhaps colorful and patterned designs to balance out the look.

Wide Leg 

This flared pair from Madewell is a unique take on the 90’s style. They are anchored at the high waist with a pleated front yoke. I particularly like the copper buttons because they are densely sown to create this vertical line on the torso which visually cuts the tummy area to reduce the bulge.

Next are these Good American Palazzo pants. Love this color. There is also this slight ombre effect without looking washed out or too noticeable. It looks like it doubles the length of the legs in size, the back pockets are small and positioned higher on the bum to create this lift effect. A big yes for me!

Now if you are bored of the regular classic jean colors, this is the time to add variation. This pair is a slightly darker wash, for a cool edgy outfit. It has a minimal ram hem, cropped length which is a popular choice in spring 2023 fashion, and with the wide leg fit, they are just as comfortable as they look.

This elevated vintage pair here is a new release with unique elements included. The center leg fold is an eye effect we see deliberately created to elongate the legs. The pockets and slight V cut in the back is such an interesting take to uplift and shape the behind. Wide legs add volume but they also stretch out the frame. I would pair this with cute kitten sands to feel bare, a cropped top, something minimal to let the pants be the main attraction.

And speaking of Vintage, this last pair is taken straight from the 90’s magazine. A slightly muted wash for an elegant more subtle trendy look.


Flares are also one of the popular spring 2023 jeans trends. This is Good Americans top rated pair of jeans, with exaggerated flares, that add contour to curves. This is a retro inspired silhouette with slight stretch. Great choice for spring 2023 fashion.

Another retro style is from Rag and Bone with a light wash and flared out bottoms. Depending on what you are looking for, if you want to keep wearing a style without feeling too dated once the season passes, this pair has a more subtle flare.

On to some skinny flared jeans. This Madewell pair is where you get the best of both worlds. The skinny tight feel up to the knees without the carrot shape because the bottom is flared out into a bootcut. Trust me, in this pair, everybody has long legs.

Let’s talk about another one of the popular jeans trends for 2023: the Spanx ladies. Have you missed them? They are coming out with more and more styles which I like. That’s where we need to be headed towards, jeans that are engineered to make every inch from waist to ankle, look fit and stylish. Did I mention comfortable? 

Light Wash 

I know I’ve already shown you some white styles before, but spring wear is all about bright colors to break away from the cold gray winter months. Good American released this high waisted raw hem straight jeans for the no fuss feminine weekend look.

While white is still labeled as high maintenance, rightfully so, the balance with neutrals is in the softer ecru shades. Here is an affordable option which reminds me of chinos. Simple, elegant alternative to blue washes. With a monochromatic light sweater or polo shirt, it’s effortlessly chic.

For an even more upscale look, this Veronica beard pintuck straight style is a nice alternative to the cropped versions. It reminds me of tailored pants. These small details will upstyle your look without even doing anything fancy. Just don’t ruin it with something distracting. Keep it simple and classic, monochromatic light colors on top and shoes and you look ready for brunch on a terrace with the girls.


The straight style is raging in spring jeans 2023. Here is a pair from WHBM. Such a gorgeous color. How do they even come up with this combination? I don’t think I’ve seen it before, definitely not on someone. And it’s no surprise because cobalt blue and the stronger blues are one of the raging jeans trends for 2023. Very flattering, high rise, stop at the ankles. What else is there to say? It’s a big yes.

WHBM High-Rise Straight Jeans
WHBM High-Rise Straight Jeans

Next is a more relaxed fit of straight jeans, made from premium jeans with slight stretch for shape retention.

And Spanx is back with their cropped version of the straight jeans. I like the vintage indigo color of cropped straight Spanx. It looks like a real pair of jeans but with the comfort of leggings.


Let’s talk about short jeans ladies. Spring is the perfect time to find your favorite style. Usually we see the raw hem daisy duke pieces for the beach ready look. For the rest of the population not living on the beach, here are some classier options:

These are the high waist utility shorts. Very cute and feminine considering the hint of cargo style. They look flattering and easy to wear in any casual setting.

The Girlfriend vintage style from Madewell is a trendy option with the hem slightly rolled up. It’s a cute pair we often see worn in movies for a day out at a picnic. Throw on an oversized sun hat and a cute top, a classic spring look.

Lively and lovely color choices, this pair with floral motifs from Farm Rio does not disappoint. The embroidered flowers give it a delightful feminine touch.

Lastly in this category we have the pink mom shorts. I like the wide leg style which is less restraining while looking put together, even in short jeans. 


For skirts I picked one of each style. This white mini skirt is a feminine option if you want to showcase your legs. It will match everything in your closet. Size up for a more relaxed fit. Style the mini jean skirts like skinny jeans. With an oversized light sweater or linen buttoned shirt, add a wrap for colder nights. The goal is to balance the revealing bottom with more coverage on top. Avoid stiletto heels with this type of skirt because you are already showing off a lot of legs. Don’t want to look like you are dressing for attention.

And the eye candy piece for this roundup is this Oscar de la Renta floral buttoned skirt I came across. Such a beautiful piece. Just look at the attention to detail from the buttons to the tailoring and hourglass shape. I wish more affordable brands would take note of this.

A similar style I found is this Boden skirt, it has this slightly oval shape on top to contour around the hips. I also love the button row opening the skirt all the way down. It’s a nice change from everything else we wear.

And lastly we have the jeans pencil skirt. Every woman should try a pair at some point. They feel so nice when you want to look attractive but casual and approachable. Because it has a slightly longer hemline, I would wear it with a tucked in tight top and a belt. You can’t do volume on top, the material on the bottom is too long for the eyes to grasp everything that’s going on. Nude sandals or boots not to cut off the ankles and you will turn heads everywhere you go.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed reading about the top jeans trends of spring 2023. And the one tip I will give you: don’t hold back ladies, wear bold colors, bold styles, no matter how others dress around you. If it makes you happy, forget about the world, they will be busy staring at you!

Which style are you wearing this spring? For more style inspiration on fashion trends of 2023, check out the blog.

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