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With the weather changing, it’s time for a wardrobe reset. For most people, the transition begins from ground up. Yes, I am talking about shoes. Footwear is the easiest way to transition your look from winter to spring. The rising temperature means you can show off bare ankles and toes too. 

The spring shoe trends of 2023 bring an assortment of options with the new releases making the task much more exciting. 

To give you a jump start, I have rounded up the most fashion-forward picks. From casual slides to the perfect going-out pair, below the season’s biggest shoe trends.

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Starting with bold magenta, here is the hottest pink you can find for running shoes. If you already have a matching top and bottom, then this pair will give you that monochromatic slender effect.

There are also purple, green and blue options to choose from, all new colors for this season. You don’t need every shade out there. Just think when you choose something this bright and make sure you already have something to a spring outfit to match. 

For trace sneakers I like this light pink Adidas version for a less flashy option. They are a popular 2023 shoe trend. 

Then we have the Gazelle soccer design with a platform. It looks like a fashion choice, not necessarily for sporty activities. I would say this pair is in the athleisure category.

Next we have the comfortable Eccos. They have a lot of earthy shades, burgundy, browns, cool tones of grey and sand. It’s impossible not to find a color you like. This is a grownup polished sneaker look to me. And if you are traveling, this is what I would wear.

Continuing with the preppy more polished look are the retro sneakers. These here are from a brand called BeauToday. What I like about them is the quality of leather used and the attention to detail and craftsmanship.

How many shoes do you own that have sheepskin lining? Probably not that many. And from what I’ve seen Beau includes sheepskin lining in their shoes. They will fit like a glove and no one else can wear them. It’s like owning custom made shoes. They are already priced affordable, but if you want to try them out use the “CHIC10” discount code for 10% off site wide. 

Next up is the newest release from Veja that is still very popular in Europe. If you don’t like the contrast of the stripes but still want the quality, there is this white mutted option for you to try.

Lastly, we have these Sorel sneakers with a hidden wedge for a less obvious lift. If you want to add some inches to your height while looking cute and sporty, they are your friend. There are a few colors to pick from as well. Don’t run track in these through, or you might fall.


Spring sandals have a few trends going on. Here are two platform chunky sandals: one with a full platform and another with the heel detached.

In spring we start spending more time outdoors and to take longer walks you need comfortable shoes. These ones are lined with leather which will be less rough on your skin and help avoid blisters.  

These spring sandals are one of my favorites. Trotters is a brand I discovered two years ago from Nordstrom and they are by far the most comfortable sandals I’ve worn.

The trend we see here is the toe sandal, and then a slightly elevated version. Do check these out and know there are plenty of colors to choose from in all the styles I’m showing you.


There are so many variations of slides, depending on what activity you plan to wear them for. If you want a quick slip on in a chic trendy color here are these jelly slides which you can get wet.

Then we have this popular spring slides style which I see being remade every season, with some variation of the H logo which I believe originated from the Hermes slides.

When wearing such a spring slides style, I recommend getting nude colors to blend in better and not visually cut off the feet. It’s a good trick to prevent yourself from looking shorter.

And for the puffy trend with the bright pink shade, here is a fun take with a vibrant playful look. If you are tired of the color, there are plenty of colorful shades to match your spring outfit.


Let’s talk heels! I will start with the tallest ones. These denim slip ons are from Veronica Beard. I am really liking the new designs she released this season. The denim shoes, in particular, are grabbing more attention this year.

You should also have the cork version which blends in better with the skin. There is something about the cork design that I look forward to in the warmer months. 

A more wearable style is the lower heel, with block heel, pointy toe, or a delicate strap around the ankles. So many beautiful designs and light colors. We will see the majority of the toe shapes being pointy if covered and square if toes are out. I particularly enjoy seeing a bigger selection of lower heels. Because to enjoy the heels for longer wear, they have to be a more manageable height don’t you agree?


I’ve always found mules to be an easy comfortable slip on. For my feet, straps are opportunities for blisters so the mules offer coverage while still leaving room to breathe. 

We also see the mix between the loafers and the mules in nice spring colors. And speaking of loafers, I have these beautiful cognac leather loafers with the metal detail from BeauToday. This is a favorite staple I see women wear time and time again.

A tip about buying leather shoes with metal details. Regardless of what brand you pick, you want to make sure the metal accessory matches with the tone of the leather color itself. It must all be in synchrony. 

A popular 2023 shoe trend on these loafers are the chunky platform oxfords. They are really popular on social media, but these ones here I find more affordable and better quality than your average synthetic ones.

Mary Jane 

I can’t help but think Sex and the City here. Carrie was always embracing the cute pumps with high socks or colorful tights. If you like this style it’s a nice time to add to your collection. I like the lower block heel style, round toe. They look feminine and very well put together.

A lower heel version is with the pointy toe, I like the patent style for a sleek look.


Here is another Trotters pair. I like the toned down nature inspired colors that don’t clash with our skin. They look well made and comfortable.

Then these lovely knitted colorful flats for everyday wear.

The Espadrille ballet flats are a popular spring shoe trend of 2023. I see quite a few brands incorporate them in the new releases. These do look snug but there is something about the strap around the ankle, it somehow feels  alluring and adds a dash of softness even to flats.

And speaking of ballet flats, they are a staple of spring fashion 2023. Even Louboutin made them with visible wrinkles added to the front of the toes, to replicate the authentic ballerina shoes.

Of course a more practical spring shoes pair is this outrageously blue Tory Burch pair with the emblem.

This Camper pair really stood out to me because they look so well made, comfy and provide support. If you notice the sole is made with slightly elevated rubber for stability and bounce.

These Mango ballerinas look like straight up socks, but I’ve seen so many brands make them. Here you have the metallic shades as well.

Sling Backs 

Sling backs are a really popular spring shoe trend and a much more stable choice if you look at the sandal alternatives. To me they are much more wearable because you don’t need to worry about the shoes sliding off.

This brand SoftWalk is just as comfortable as the Trotters brand. They make neutral toned shoes that are well crafted and soft to the touch, not your rigid handmade pinkching shoes.

And this Patricia Green Espadrille Wedge is a staple style you can wear and match with everything in your closet. This style reminds me of what Princess Kate wears to all her summer sports activities.


Coming to the ever popular wedges. I love them. Depending on the height they can be not only wearable but elongating and you get the instant lift without having to balance too much. 

Here is the western take on wedges. The shape of the wedge heel this season is slightly pulled back, more narrow than the front of the foot. It’s a nice slendering effect because the ball of your sole, where your pinky ends, is the widest part of your foot. It’s a clever visual effect if you have wide feet.

The sandal wedge is also a comfortable option for a quick grab and go out the door in seconds. This Stuart Weitzmen pair stood out to me because of the slim strap design.

Then the Patrician Green again. Simple, minimalistic design. But don’t let it fool you, it has subtle elements included such as the beautiful floral motif and the elliptical silhouette cut-out shape to flatter the pedicure you want to show off this spring.

The kitten heel is noticed everywhere in this spring’s designs. Here is a delicate take on this style in pale pink shade with a bow on top.

There are 2 styles I left out on purpose: the moto and super strappy shoes, and that’s because I don’t find most of them wearable or elegant. 

In a Nutshell

I really enjoyed sharing the spring shoe trends of 2023 with you. These spring shoes are elegant yet comfortable. Perfect for warmer weather. I tried to pick styles that I would personally wear, so know that I recommend all of these. 

Don’t forget to check out the blog for more updates about fashion trends, such as this one about spring jeans trends. 

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