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We are living in a time where being kinder to the environment is more important than ever before. To reduce the amount of clothing waste and fashion pollution, investing in sustainable fashion is now on trend.

Sustainable dresses are a great way to reduce environmental impact and look great at the same time. Today, I want to show you bestselling spring dresses from eco-friendly brands. The biggest challenge we face when looking at clean brands is the lack of wearable chic options. Most of the available dresses are either unremarkable or unflattering. So the aim of this blog post is to share styles that are flattering, dresses that do all the heavy lifting for us and make us look and feel womanly for the spring season 2023. 

I also want to introduce you to some new brands that are not fast fashion in case you have never heard about them. I am still learning about the efforts behind a better way of making clothes too. You can read or watch me showcase the top sustainable dresses below:


Reformation is a US made brand, from LA. The first time I heard about it was because Blake Lively wore one of their pieces, remember the cottage dress from 2020? 

It’s not everyday you see American made feminine fashion. I’ve been looking at their bestsellers and I think I like 80-90% of them, which is a lot.

First one here is the column dress with spaghetti straps. This is a classic dress. It has clean simple lines with a back slit that makes it wearable when you walk. 

Choose solid colors for a more formal event with thin heels or the lighter floral print with wedges for casual daytime wear or weeknight dinner. And don’t forget the strapless bra. 

If you haven’t tried on a silk dress before, let me tell you that it’s an unforgettable experience. This brand or another, they are soft and feel like a nice cooling hug against your body.

This style has a somewhat daring look. The fit and flare shape makes it more forgiving if you don’t like dresses clinging to your body. And the slit defines this dress. If it’s too high for you, you can probably sew it a bit. This is a fun and flirty dress on purpose. 

Plus, a multitude of shades and patterns are available. Have you seen what big of a difference color makes between the hot black and the toned down light blue florals? These details matter, so when you choose the color make sure you intentionally pick whichever suits the activities you see yourself wear this at. 

This dress has such a beautiful crew neckline with the cap sleeve, and button details. The top coverage somehow brings out the mystery because your eyes are searching for skin. And the slit is where they will stop but unlike the previous dress, I think this one is slightly lower which makes it more comfortable to wear

The side buttons are strategically placed to contour the body and curve it a bit. It’s a nice element if you want a more pronounced figure. Because of the rouche and multitude of buttons I see the solid colors as a much better fit. The patterns add too much complexity and can be distracting.

This style reminds me of the classic grownup sweetheart dress. It has a slight column design, the center back slit. I like that the cleavage while defined is not revealing or sexualized. The short sleeve with a slight puff  provides a more structured look. This is the conservative elegant dress you can wear to family events, without looking boring.

I like this dress so much! The slit is a tiny bit too high for me, but nevertheless, this bodice with a tight fitted top, flows down into a relaxed skirt with chiffon texture. If you have a rectangle body shape this sustainable spring dress can help add a softer silhouette. It’s a youthful take on a feminine look.

If you are tired of slits, here is the floor length version. Continuing with the tie strap, this dress has a fitted bodice to define the waistline, ruffle detailing  and then a relaxed fit trumpet skirt. This is a romantic dress. Particularly the combination of fitted and relaxed feels so regal and princess-like. If a full length dress doesn’t make you feel womanly I don’t know what does.

I favor these maxi dresses when I have available hands to gently hold it when walking up and down the stairs. Use strapless shapewear if you need to. For daytime wear try a light pattern with flats or wedges. We don’t need to overthink the maxi dresses and assign them to beach wear only. This is an elegant way to dress feminine and casual with dainty jewelry.

This is a midi length dress with flowy, short sleeves and a slight V neckline. The transition style has a smocked back bodice for a little bit of stretch, and the yellow shade makes it the perfect sunshine. You can style any casual wear with a dress. Wear this with flats during the day and heels at night, preferably in a darker monochromatic color.

Another simple fitted midi length sustainable spring dress with a sweetheart neckline, tank straps, and relaxed waist If you see the red version it instantly lifts the mood. It features ruching throughout the front bodice and side seams. Delicate feminine shapes. I see myself wear something like this all day without having to worry about stains or riding up. And it can also be a good transition from day to night from flats to heels. 

Karen Kane

Karen Kane is a California based sustainable fashion label. California is known for voicing concerns about harmful components whether it’s skin care, food or materials used. I’ve seen this movement across the years and I for one appreciate transparency, it’s something each of us can support and be part of.

The first dress is this black and white block color relaxed fit maxi dress. Not much to say about it as it does all the talking itself.

Next is another color block long sleeve dress. Other colors are available as well. I found it a different and interesting take on creating the illusions of the skirt in a dress. It seems less intimidating if separated.

This shirt dress is one of the classic looks we see in spring. We have the blue and the pink version as well.

One benefit of a relaxed dress is the duality in which it can be worn. Sometimes we feel like not sucking it all in, and just feel comfortable at home, let’s not forget that for a home look, a buttoned shirt beats sweatpants and t-shirt any day, but if you want to run out the door in a more defined form fitting look, you can easily just throw on a belt and voila, you have a waist. 


Boden is another popular label I’ve been hearing about among the eco-friendly brands. Their A-line front knot dress with pleats looks not only comfortable but flattering. Manageable V-neckline and the cuffs are a nice detail to upstyle the sleeves. Not sold? Read the reviews. Women are saying it’s one of the most complimented dresses they’ve worn. It’s a bestselling sustainable spring dress for a reason.

This one here is a shorter option. It is your throw on, fun, wrinkle-free, no maintenance mid-thigh dress. The pleats and the movement of the chiffon, coupled with layered figure-skimming silhouette make it a nice lightweight option for spring season 2023. I like day time options that have long sleeves. It makes it more appropriate to wear for a wider range of activities. One way you can tell a dress is well made is the lining. Don’t forget to check, especially with thinner materials.

Love this dress, it has so many things going for it. The first thing that stands out to me is the collar. You recognize the polo shirt, top collar, it’s the preppy expensive look. The buttoned detail and the A-line silhouette also makes it stand out from the rest of your dresses. It’s forgiving and flattering at the same time, really hard to find this kind of balance. For a more defined waist you can easily pair this with a monochromatic belt that matches the shoes. Trendy or not, it’s a timeless piece with colorful options to choose from.

Continuing with a similar style, this tiered cotton mini can be worn oversized for increased comfort, because it’s flowy and has a belt. It almost looks like a shirt dress on top, another preppy look but less stiff. The cuffs are also a subtle nuance of elegance.

It looks playful and girly, the spring patterns put us straight into the April months. I would style this with thin boots and a trench coat for colder days and wedges for the sunny ones.

A slightly longer version, this jersey Midi tea dress is another good example of florals. I look at sleeves, check, length midi, check, the neckline is not revealing, check and then details, the design, the pattern and the slight puff sleeves and ruffle. The benefit of a longer dress and sleeve is that it can take you for the in-between seasons transition, with boots and sandals looking equally  manageable. As the reviews call it, perfect for all seasons. 

There are many more clean brands out there, such as Fram Rio, Quince, and Silk and Salt. I know there is a lot of debate about what is sustainable and what isn’t. Share some of your favorites down below in the comments. . 

If you enjoyed this post and would like to catch up with the on coming spring fashion trends, just check out the Spring trends category. You can also follow my YouTube channel for more fresh ideas. I’ll see you there. 

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