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If you’re looking for a way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, then pink is the perfect choice. It’s a versatile hue that adds a soft, feminine touch that you incorporate into any style. This is why pink has become so popular in the fashion industry.

Today I want to show you the latest fashion additions and new releases for 2023’s pink trends. I cover casual girly wear from sweaters and loungewear to lingerie, jewellery and a few dresses to bring out the girly girl in us. 

Here’s the pink fashion trends 2023 video from my channel to cheer you up and inspire a little joy in your wardrobe.

Pink Trends 2023

Sweaters and Top

This is probably the longest category because I just can’t help myself. Let’s start with this sequin heart sweater. It’s a youthful and playful look that would go well with a simple pair of jeans to offset the shine. It’s a very popular style in pink fashion 2023. The last time I checked it said something like 6K people were viewing it. I hope it’s still in stock.

This white cardigan looks adorable. The stitching is well made and minimal in the front. Notice the colors are not painted over, but actually knitted in. It’s not overpowering, a subtle take on hearts.

Next are some sporty wearable sweatshirts. We have the Queen of Hearts sweatshirt, then a more subtle take on a nautical-themed elbow heart design.

I also like to play around with the neckline and switch it up a bit. The V neck is flattering and elongates your face. I also like this simplistic sweetheart neckline style for a more demure touch.

For a more elegant put-together outfit, we must have some red, and I think this red shade is wearable. I know some ladies are hesitant to wear red. But you might want to give it a try with a pair of black slacks and heeled booties. I like the buttoned details and, with silk, it must feel heavenly.

And lastly, for a softer look, we have this black and white sweater with small heart patterns. Of course, it has to have some special elements, and the ruffled preppy turtleneck detail makes it stand out from the crowd in a subtle way.


We have to match these sweaters and shirts with some pants, right? If it’s overpowering to be too colorful, you can always choose one piece that you want to grab all the attention, and tone the rest in color. Let’s say you like these red cargo pants, a popular pink fashion trends 2023. you can absolutely pair them with a nice ivory light shirt on top for a relaxed look.

Then we have these faux leather pants in pale pink for a sleek look. You can match these with any of the sweaters I shared above.

For a more office appropriate look, here’s a pair of pleated trousers.

And then we have Reiss. They make such good pants, don’t they? At one point, I was searching for weeks for the perfect black trousers and I kept going back to theirs. I need to try a pair as well. I’ve been drooling over them for a while. This is a rose shade and I particularly like this tucked in silk shirt. It’s a cool, confident look that most of us can pull off effortlessly.


You’ll also want some girly set options for cozying at home. Here are leggings and a matching top set because we do need to look cute when exercising too, no?

Then, in 2023’s pink trends, we have a long sleeve cropped top and shorts set.

This T-shirt is pretty humorous. I’m pretty sure men will at least find it amusing to read. It’s a good excuse to get a pass for the day.

And then we have the SKIMS dress. I’ve been trying to get this dress for months and it’s always sold out. If you haven’t heard of it before, this lounge dress is famous for its perfect fit. It’s comfortable and stretchy at the same time with lots and lots of great reviews. If they don’t have one in your size now, check back again. Btw they have a few other styles; spaghetti straps, shimmering style, and turtleneck that the Barbie in you might like.


I had to pick a couple of dresses and skirts for you ladies to see. Remember Anne Hathaway in pink stealing the limelight at the Valentino show? The sparkly hot-pink dress paired with matching pumps gave some serious Barbie vibes. 

This red tulle layered dress is everything you want to see in a date night movie scene, isn’t it? So romantic and feminine. I love this. It’s pricey but a quality purchase is worth it, right?

I see the chiffon and tulle trend continuing with flowy feminine skirts. I like the pleats, the added aplique of delicate roses, it looks so unique. Ladies, a piece like this comes around once a season. And if you have something like this, you probably agree that it’s one of those cherished garments you always value and appreciate in its beauty.

And then, in pink fashion 2023, we have the delicate satin skirt. You can style it with boots or heels, sweaters or buttoned shirts, and it will make you look like a trend setter.


Barely containing my excitement, I am happy to share this beautiful pink Italian leather handbag by Teddy Blake. If you are not familiar, they are a luxury handbag brand, made in Italy. I recently posted the top 10 handbag trends of 2023 and they kindly offered one of their bags to show you. 

Trying to pick one was really tough. It took me two days to decide because they have so many beautiful styles, sizes and colors on their website.

The quality of the materials used as well as the craftsmanship is remarkable. My first reaction was to pick green or blue, but then I wanted to show you a real fun pop of pink. It’s also the color of Chicquette.

Teddy Blake Ava Croco Gold 9 Fuchsia
Teddy Blake Ava Croco Gold Fuchsia

I noticed there is an actual lock with keys attached. Not sure what I would use it for, but it’s an interesting addition which blends in as a decoration. I am well aware of the higher cost, it’s definitely an investment that you will have for decades to come hopefully. And you can use the discount code TBChicquette30 for $30 off!


We all need to own some beautiful lingerie, right? This is such a personal choice, but I always like to add a little something. 

Lace can never go wrong. And in red or pink shades, it’s a win no matter what you wear. I like the stretchy look of this bralette, because they actually look comfortable and not restraining.

For a more conservative, modest look, we have these cut PJs with shorts.

There is also a long sleeve version as well in ivory, a cleaner look, less distracting if you prefer to continue wearing it for more than one night, which most of us do anyway.

We can’t forget the overlay. If you are wearing a bodysuit, then another option for coverage is this tulle-draped layer.

Or this babydoll set which comes with everything matching: bra, underwear, and cover.


My love for heart shape gravitates towards earrings a lot because I can wear them all year round, unlike necklaces which are covered during the cold temperature or bracelets which, again, are covered by long sleeves.

A feminine take on the floral linear trend is to have some romantic flowers dangling from your ears. It’s a unique take and, of course, personal taste.

These framed heart earrings are a neutral shade which compliments warm tones.

Then these pearl additions to the hearts are just outrageously fun, aren’t they? This is the 90s for you, bigger, bolder and not afraid to make a statement.

And since we are talking about bolder, this thick chain necklace with an open pendant is an option for a sleeker look. I would pair this with a simple white top, perhaps a tulle skirt or jeans, and you are chic without even trying.

If you feel extra girly, we have the all in one trends: floral, pearl, heart, and light pink. Don’t forget about the enamel trend, here is a cute darker pink shade.

For an office look, I recommend these minimalistic heart hoops that can subtly blend in with the rest of your outfit.

I do want to mention that as I am talking about these beautiful pieces I’ve already had to eliminate a few because they are selling out fast. So if they already did, I apologise.

A big thank you for supporting my blog. Keep following to learn more fashion trends and tips. You can subscribe to my channel too. For spring summer shoes trends, check out this post.

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