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Fashion trends come and go as quickly as they arrive, and this year is no different. If you’re looking to stay on-trend and avoid looking like you’ve been living in the past, it’s important to know what’s in and what’s out. As much as we love, or hate, the current trends, there are many that are already in danger of becoming tired, and some may already be out of style. 

Love it or hate it, here are the top fashion trends that experts say will go out of style in 2023. This roundup is compiled based on research from multiple sources; trends from companies that track shopping habits and demand volume. I have a big list to cover, so let’s get started!

The first outdated item I want to cover is right above, the sweater I’m wearing in the video. You know how I know? I bought it two seasons ago, on a discount! So, yes, I’m pretty sure it’s out of style. Will I get rid of it? Absolutely not! It’s one of my favorite sweaters from LL Bean and I will wear it until it falls off me.

Remember trends are cyclical, so if you have the space to store, especially high quality pieces, you can always tuck them away until they come back. 

Skinny Jeans 

Apparently, skinny jeans went out of style last decade. What?? OK, then I guess I’ve been outdated the entire time.

Yes, to replace them come the straight jeans and baggy jeans. But don’t worry. The skinny jeans will be back in style by mid 2023 towards the end of the year. Isn’t that fun how someone actually predicted it? I already told you trends are cyclical. Well, I am glad I kept mine then.

Casablanca Straight Leg Jeans
Casablanca Straight Leg Jeans

Bleached Denim Jeans 

Bleached denim jeans are also out. Instead we will see the light-wash jeans taking over. These have a light colored grade in the front and gradually darken on the sides for a more flattering look.

The color block two-toned jeans will also be embraced because of their ability to create an elongated effect on the sides.


They were everywhere in 2022, from dresses to tops and pants, but are quickly going out of style in 2023. It was such a controversial trend because it clearly set the line between who looks good in it and who doesn’t.

I feel like the younger crowd favored it or anyone was trying to make a clear statement that “I can pull it off.” (Good for you! :D) But this is one trend I will surely not miss. 


Leggings are not part of any trend in 2023. However, the good news is that if you have purchased any of the stirrup styles, those are still ongoing.

The patterned ones, on the other hand, are a declining fashion trend.


Yes, joggers are now officially out of style. You can get rid of all of them. Got you! I am just half way kidding. Joggers have merely stepped aside to give way to sweatpants, which are currently trending.

Sweatpants are looser, a more relaxed baggy fit.

Now here we have mixed signals because the preference changes depending on who you ask. I did the trend search myself and here is what I found: the population in the USA favors sweatpants while the rest of the world is inclined towards joggers. So, which team are you? Share down below.

Skater Skirts 

I particularly liked this trend in the dress format. I own quite a few dresses in this style because it is very forgiving and hides the tummy when it is bloated or when you just want to hide it.

Club Monaco Box Pleat Skater Skirt
Club Monaco Box Pleat Skater Skirt

They are replaced by ruched skirts. This style is giving me some serious Cleopatra vibes.

Micro Skirts 

Micro skirts have also become an outdated item. You didn’t really think the micro skirt trend was going to last now, did you? It was such a stand out style, a bit impractical I think, as it was limited to leisure social activities and not suitable to be worn 80% of the day.

Free People Pleated Denim Micro Skirt
Free People Pleated Denim Micro Skirt

Instead, try the pencil skirts as they have a more feminine look.

Baggy Blazers 

Relaxed blazers, oversized, and exaggerated blazers worn as coats, these trends are all outdated for 2023. Instead, we are seeing a fitted, tailored, and beautiful hourglass shape which I find very flattering on a woman’s body.

Relaxed Fit Plaid Blazer
Relaxed Fit Plaid Blazer
Anne Klein Double Breasted Blazer
Anne Klein Double Breasted Blazer
Sergio Hudson Double-Breasted Strong Blazer Jacket
Sergio Hudson Double-Breasted Strong Blazer Jacket

If you feel like this is not something that you are comfortable with, it seems too structured or you want to keep your stomach area concealed, I recommend sizing up. In case the arms are too long and you, like me, are annoyed by anything rubbing against your hands all day, another stylish look is to roll the sleeve up a bit. 


Big decline in this trend as well. We had the blazer and hoodie combination, but hoodies on their own, we won’t be seeing much of in the near future as a fashion trend.

Infinity Scarves

Infinity scarves are a declining fashion trend too, being replaced by skinny scarves. There is a big demand for skinny scarves, so if you really like the infinity style, find a place for them to store as with everything else that’s out of style now. If you care about being trendy and have a storage room, simply tuck them away for the next cycle.

Out of Style Patterns 

The Leopard pattern has been seen and hot so far, but there has been a bit of saturation happening with this print, even pharmacy stores have it. And now it won’t last too long. A general rule here is, if it’s everywhere, then it’s already outdated.

Leopard Print Mock Neck Blouse
Leopard Print Mock Neck Blouse

The Paisley print is also one of the patterns that is fading out in 2023.

Asymmetric Paisley Print Knit Minidress
Asymmetric Paisley Print Knit Minidress

High Waisted Pants 

High rise pants will also not be in style for any season in 2023. None of the fashion runways had them showcased. They are fully replaced by low-cut pants from winter all the way to summer.

High Waist Faux Leather Pants
High Waist Faux Leather Pants

Furry Vests 

Fur vests are also fading out in 2023. I’ve seen feather vests a lot more last season. I don’t usually pay attention to them. I know they are warm, but I don’t wear them outside of the house.

Hi-low Dresses

Hi-low dresses are also not in fashion in 2023. I feel like this style comes in and out of fashion pretty often. We probably won’t need to wait too many seasons till they are back in style. But for 2023, they won’t be a popular fashion trend.

Low Socks 

Or no-show socks are not usually a trendy item. They are just a wearable article.

In comparison, we do see a lot of crew length and even higher length under or above the knee styles this year, which is the opposite of the lower cut.

Cold Shoulder Style 

The cold shoulder top is fading out in 2023 too. This is one trend I have never touched. I find it juvenile. Sorry ladies, it’s just my personal preference. But don’t mind me if you like it. We can’t all like the same things, right?


Coming to this outerwear, cotton shackets are also being replaced by flannel shackets for 2023.

Topshop Oversize Cotton Shacket
Topshop Oversize Cotton Shacket
Kentwood Windowpane Flannel Oversize Shirt Jacket
Kentwood Windowpane Flannel Oversize Shirt Jacket


Regardless of the fashion trend, tights and pantyhose are always worn when needed. However, the logo tights will be out of fashion in 2023.

Crossbody Bag 

The crossbody bag is no longer in style. Instead, the bigger boxy looking office bag with a tall strap to reach over the shoulder has edged in.

I saw this trend at Zara in Paris and almost bought this beautiful leather purse, but I am still considering it. It was a more manageable size as a shoulder bag.  Here it is for you.

Zara Leather Shoulder Bag
Zara Leather Shoulder Bag

What stood out to me was the disproportionate size of the two handles. They were hard and stiff, which I really liked.


Jewelry is also seeing an upgrade in 2023. The butterfly style we saw everywhere is being replaced by the heart shape. We will see lots of this in the upcoming year, especially older vintage styles.

Butterfly Pendant Necklace
Butterfly Pendant Necklace
cultured freshwater pearl crystal heart necklace
cultured freshwater pearl crystal heart necklace

Non-sustainable Clothing

One of my absolute favorite ones out there. Any non-sustainable clothes are not fashionable in 2023. We are finally seeing enough movement around sustainability that it’s impacting the fashion industry in a positive way. I have high hopes for this.

You can check out my post about sustainable spring dresses for style inspiration.

Key Takeaway 

To be really out of fashion, you need to wear unfashionable clothes in an unfashionable way. Let me say this again: if you do wear any of the items listed above, but in a fashionable way, you have passed the test. Congratulations! You can now sleep peacefully at night. 

Ladies, wear what brings you joy. People would pay a lot of money to be able to buy happiness. If something that’s not trending makes you feel good, even if just for the day, wear it and enjoy it for all of us. Share down below what that item is so we can perhaps get some for ourselves. 

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