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Jewelry trends come and go, and there’s always something new to try out. Whether you’re looking for something subtle and timeless or something bold and daring, the latest jewelry trends are sure to satisfy. From classic pearls to big and bold statement pieces, I’ve got something for every fashionista. Excited? Check out the video for a more interactive experience.

Biggest Jewelry Trends 2023

It’s time for more sparkle ladies! Here are the biggest jewelry trends we will see in 2023:

Heart Shape

The first trend we have to talk about is the heart shape. It is already prominent in the newest styles and I love it because it’s just my favorite shape. I’ve been wearing it  for years.

You can also have the heart word spelled out, or half a heart. The butterfly shape from last year is out and the heart is in, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still wear this or any other shape, for that matter. Wear what makes you happy.

Bold Earrings

Since face masks are not mandatory any more, the bigger and bolder drop earrings are making a statement this season. These are your attention-seeking earrings that not only sparkle but add color and light to your face too. 

Lets talk about the popular colors in 2023, they are: lavender, sundial, tranquil blue, and verdigris (which is the blue-green pigment that forms on copper) to name a few.

When picking the metal shade, don’t forget to match it to clothes and makeup tone as well.

I love these crystal drop earrings because they’re uplifting and attention-seeking. An instant touch of happiness to any outfit. 

Lastly, on this style we have heavy drop earrings with blue crystals. This is a loud statement for the outfit as a whole. Blue is really big this year and I see lots of options to match the earrings with the rest of the clothing.

Oversized Pearls

I am a big fan of pearls in general. If you were wearing pearl earrings before, now it’s the double pearl earrings, and heavy-weight dangle earrings.

A popular trend this season is combining pearls into designs that are not your traditional setting for them, such as these linear drop earrings.

These two are one of my favorite styles together and then we have the elongating vertical effect of the chain.

Here is the loop version, with freshwater pearls. Notice the imperfect shape of the pearls? To me, it looks authentic and valuable because of that.

For day, wear the beautiful smaller hoop set is a feminine take on delicate pearls with a chic modern design.

Bold Cuffs

Bold cuffs are in fashion this season with the extra thick cuff style, add gemstones to it and it’s one of the biggest statements of your outfit. I like bracelets a lot, especially after winter. The weather gets warmer and we can start displaying our arms and dress them in sparkle. 

This particular caged cuff bracelet here is a more subtle take on the trend. It provides the outline of the bracelet while the halo leaves visibility on your skin.

Then we can create a bolder effect by using multiple bracelets as a stacked set. If you want to reuse what you already have, a non-matching option you can wear is by stacking several bangle-type bracelets together to create a similar effect.

Enamel Trend 

These are the new stones that are taking over the jewelry trends. It’s sort of like marble stone but on your earrings. 

I like the current new trend here. Unlike most that we see as remakes from the past, this one feels new. I see it as an opportunity to design easier and perhaps more detailed elements in the drawing of the jewelry. These studs, for example, look like a little painting on the ears.

And this Tory Burch bracelet brings the floral concept to your wrist. I find it feminine and beautiful. A new way to express our inner beauty on the outside. Because sometimes we need a little more than just shine, we want more nuance and this is a great way to express ourselves, a true fashion statement. 

Bold Emeralds

We will see green come back this year with beautiful emeralds, from earrings to bracelets and to necklaces. This stone comes with bigger and more noticeable designs because of the size.The cuff we saw before is the easiest to incorporate as a statement in your outfit. I like these easy slip-on styles that you can handle easily. 

A more delicate take on this trend is to simply wear the stone as a pendant or a minimalist necklace. 

The bracelet here is adorable. I have a similar style with the drag string closure. What I like about it is how easy it is to put on and take off without any help.

Punk Trend 

The moto look is in fashion. We’ve seen it in shows and bags, so, of course, the jewelry has to match. We have the more common design with the added metal spikes or links for necklaces and bracelets. The safety pin bracelet is also new.

Pinky Signet Ring 

Ladies if you are not familiar with this term, the signet originates from the old days when the ring would carry an emblem and it would be used as a seal stamp. It’s mostly a custom for men to wear it and men’s fashion is borrowed across all over women’s trends this season, from clothes to shoes. 

A more feminine take is to replace the writing with diamonds or gemstones. Here is a cuter slim version of the heart. And, of course, lots of diamonds for a cooler shade on the pinky finger.

Personalized Jewelry 

This trend is not new but is picking up in popularity. Stores are catering with more options with initials, names, or zodiac. Here are a few examples:

You can pretty much get anything engraved by now. I see it as another way of expressing ourselves through what we wear and adding more meaning to the pieces that we decorate ourselves with. Plus, it’s always a great gift to surprise a loved one with. 

Gold Chains 

Oversized chains are in, even with the combination of gemstones and pearls. These are the unisex statement pieces. Wearing one daily with a little pop from under the shirt is such a beautiful way to add some quality shine to your outfit. It’s a minimal, simplistic look that millennials love to wear now. Definitely reminds me of the 90s, because back in the days gold was expensive and when we talked about  jewelry we talked about gold and carats.

This gold linear style reminds me of the 90s all over again. It is a delicate take on the long vertical elongating style without looking overpowering.

You will see this season’s trends with items that incorporate a few of the styles I mentioned before. Look at these Kendra Scott earrings: you have the oversized pearl, the heart shape, and the pink shade all in one. Or these lavender personalized earrings made of enamel.

Shift in Jewelry Trend

Jewelry is no longer a giftable item left only for special occasions. Invest in jewelry gifts for yourself too. Why? Because it’s empowering to not have to wait for someone else to grant you your wishes. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful gift and gesture if you have someone to get it for you. And if you don’t, we are independent women who can provide for ourselves. Sparkle and jewelry are, after all, a girl’s best friend. Ha! That was a successful line to buy diamonds, wasn’t it?

We are now including meaning in our own personal style of jewelry, and since the pandemic started we’ve seen statement jewelry, bolder colors and sizes as a need to uplift our moods and spirits. The same can be said about dopamine colors. 

And have you noticed the shift in wearing jewelry on a daily basis? It is no longer used on special occasions, but rather as a part of our outfit. I always try my best to match the color of the gold metal and the gemstones with my top or dress. Especially because it is so close to my face and hands where the two colors meet. 

Final Tip

Don’t wear too many as it can be overpowering. As Coco Chanel once said about dressing with accessories, before walking out the door, look in the mirror and remove one thing. 

For more of the latest trends, checkout the blog. If you are wondering what trends are out of style, check out this post. 

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