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It’s no secret that fashion trends come and go, so it’s important to stay on top of them. But being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to follow every trend that comes along. In fact, some trends should be avoided altogether. 

From bold colors and busy patterns to oversized silhouettes, there are plenty of trends that should be skipped. I’ve also provided you with some alternative ideas that are sure to keep you looking stylish and modern. So read on to find out which trends to avoid in 2023 and how to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Puffy Sleeves

I’ll start with what I’m wearing in the video. This lovely red dress with puffy sleeves I recently purchased. I liked it then, and I still do, but I haven’t reached for it much. 

It’s a funny one. Very impractical it never fits under a coat or a jacket. To me it looks like a distraction, and a clownish look. And I’m usually all about the ‘I don’t care’ attitude. I wear whatever I want. It’s a clear fashion statement, challenging the normal size, but I don’t see its advantages to anyone wearing it. 

Instead, a more acceptable and flattering look is the slightly exaggerated long sleeve style. You know the one with the cuffs rolling over your hand. If they’re annoying you, you can roll them up. Victoria Beckham has been using this for years in her own personal style as well as in her collection. She is known for exaggerated sleeves and longer pants combinations for a reason. Let’s take a cue from her on this one.

Final take on this dress, I still like it and I am still going to wear it. And so should you. Wear whatever you always enjoy. 

Oversized Clothing

Oversized clothing was so 2022 and so over it. You know the irony of wearing baggy clothes is that it fills in the space around the body and makes us look so unflattering. So whether you are skinny, curvy, flat, or chubby, it doesn’t matter. The tent on a hanger outfit makes us all look like we are the same size underneath. Think about what others see because it gives the impression of concealment, and what do we usually conceal under an oversized hoodie or jacket? Nothing good. 

I have to believe that everyone has at least one part of their body that they like. Find one. Think positive here. Then showcase it. Look for clothes that highlight that one part. It goes a long way and will not only make you look better but feel better as well. I couldn’t be happier to see tailored fit come back into style.

This fit should be a staple in all closets. If you want to be comfortable, size up and take it for alteration to shorten the sleeves or pants length. I promise you will reach for this piece of clothing over and over again.

Puffy Jackets

Photo by: Roman Pohorecki

This trend is much worse than what we covered before. The idea of puffy sure, sounds comfy, but it completely ruins your image as a whole. It drags you down and sideways and all round like a walking ball.

What to wear instead? There are normal waterproof shell jackets out there, made with the latest technology that are lightweight, look flat and insulate much much better. C’mon ladies, check out some specialty stores like LL Bean or Patagonia, and see what options they have. 

Sheer Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

You know the majority of the population has no desire to see the color variations of our bras or the latest logos on the undies. That’s something to be kept in the bedroom for private eyes only. Instead, you can invest in some neutral bodysuits, think a full body cami style, t-shirt style, tube top style, or strapless. Make sure your abdomen is covered to clearly distinguish it’s not a bra. Sheer looks much better if you wear it as an accessory, it shouldn’t be the main coverage for your body. 

Tie Dye

I am so glad this fashion trend is phasing out. To me it looks juvenile, messy, distracting, unflattering, cheap, and plump. Yes, the opposite of elegant, fit and slender. It creates this 3D multi dimensional effect with all the colors involved, it’s probably one of the worst things one can ever wear.

Photo by: Joshua Mcknight

What to wear instead? Monochromatic all the way. It’s elegant, clean, visually appealing, easy for the eye to measure when sizing up. Also, when you talk to someone, they won’t be distracted by everything going on. 

At the very least, wear block colors and even if you wear different colors: one color on top and one on the bottom, each section of your body will be visually appealing on its own. 

Tulle Layers 

I know Carrie made lots and lots of layers look so cute in the Sex and the City series, but no one is walking around the streets looking like a tiered cake. It’s just not practical, functional and extremely attention-seeking. It’s a nice idea on paper or at a costume party, but not in real life.

Photo by: cottonbro studio

Just to be clear, I’m talking about the exaggerated tulle look here, not elements of it in the sleeve or layering. I can’t think of one activity where you can wear this. Instead, wear a one-layer ruffle skirt. It’s a feminine similar style, with round edges that don’t overtake the entire look. 

Slim Sunglasses 

This might work for teens, but for the rest of the population, no, just no. It’s distracting, asymmetrical to the rest of your face. I mean, unless you are wearing a spacesuit, or a futuristic outfit, which I doubt most of us ever do. The polarized glasses are functional, not a fashion statement. For outdoor activities, it’s a must and functionality outweighs looks any day.

Photo by: Cristiane Mota

What to wear instead? This is a tough one. Of course, it depends on the shape of your face, but my go to is a cat-eye look, trending or not, because it’s feminine and flattering to the face with the oval shape and pointy corners. These are not your catsuit glasses, it’s a more natural, balanced look. 

Cold Shoulder

I already know that there are fans out there, and rightfully so, wear whatever makes your heart sing. But why? Cohesive is what we need to strive for. I don’t find it practical. Aren’t you cold in cold shoulder sweaters? If it’s thick, then it can’t be airy, right? Do you wear it in winter or summer? A boat neck or sleeveless sweater can also give you some breathing gap. 

Temperature aside, my biggest complaint about this look is that, besides all the confusion, it somehow looks very cheap. Not classy, elegant, or even a smart casual look. I would put it in the confused category. 

What to wear instead? Let’s see, a normal cleavage with spaghetti straps, tied straps, T-shirt, bateau neckline, square neckline with the shoulders covered.  

Platform Shoes 

When was the last time you wore them? Were they comfy? Don’t think so. Let’s look at the aesthetics of the platform. It provides height, yes, but only if in nude color. If you wear platforms in any other color than your own skin color, the intersection between your skin and the shoes is clearly visible, then it will produce the opposite effect. It will be so obvious that it will emphasize that you are short.

Photo by: Jv Franes

Instead, wear covered wedges with a low platform. This style has height in disguise. It could be sandal wedges or sneaker wedges, as long as the ball of your foot sits close to the ground. It also looks more serious, blends in better and closer to a natural state.

Hi-low Hemline 

This is such a personal take. I don’t like the imbalance in general. To me it looks unpolished and chaotic. Add the ruffles and it might come off as a misshapen style. The only way I see it work on the front is a midi or long length and the back is a train being dragged on the floor. In this case, you want the functional side of being able to walk and not stumble, but the dress is evenly providing coverage to your feet all the way around.

Photo by: Engin Akyurt

Instead, opt for the straight line. Just pick a length; short, midi, long, and stick to it all around. There are advantages to all of the lengths. In a mini skirt, your legs look longer and more slender. A midi can pronounce your waistline and direct attention to your upper body to shorten your torso. And a maxi skirt can shorten your toes and provide a longer leg effect by creating a uniform to hide your toes and heels type of look. 

Ladies, I hope no one got offended. If you like any of the styles mentioned, please ignore what I said. Fashion is subjective to each of us, we don’t and can’t like the same exact thing. Enjoy what makes you happy, wear what you like. Let me know what are some of the trends you absolutely avoid at all costs. If you want to learn about the biggest jewelry trends, check out my previous post. I’ll see you there. 

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